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Churches towers in mirrors of Latgale lakes

Jersika - Nicgale - Liksna – Daugavpils – Slutiski – Kraslava – Piedruja – Dagda – Andrupene – Aglona – Preili

Integral part of Latgale landscape is its cultural – historical heritage – churches. Churches towers serene mirrors in blue lakes and keeps in their walls historical evidences and mystical stories, and grants a majesty and nobility to Latgale landscape.

Length of route in Latgale: ~250 km
Duration of route: 2-3 days

Advisable to apply previously a visitation of churches!

Jersika’s the Lord Transfiguration Orthodox Church - called movable iron church. No similar in Latgale or in Latvia. Church is made from metal – iron and cast iron. Church earlier was in Daugavpils, in place where now St. martyrs Boriss and Glebs orthodox cathedral,   +371 26888809;

Nicgale Rome Catholic Church (1863) – placed on bluff of Daugava. Church was built using finance of Henrik Plater-Ziberg. While building church’s plan changed with plan of Dviete church. On World War I the Nicgale church badly suffered, that’s why it was rebuilt. Church was sanctified again in 1924. It has 1 tower, in both sides of facade – four decorative small towers, +371 65494298;

Liksna Rome Catholic Church – built in Neogothic taste (1913) using bricks made in Poland.   Huge church is 30 m long and 17 m wide. On both sides of enter there are two symmetric towers, where are placed three bells. The biggest of them is 609 kg,   +371 65494298;

Church mountain – place, where near are churches of four creeds – St. martyrs Boriss and Glebs orthodox cathedral, Martin Luther Lutheran parish church, The most Blessed Virgin Maria Rome’s catholic church and 1st old-believers community preaching-house, +371 654-22818;

St. martyrs Boriss and Glebs orthodox cathedral built in 1905 have many small tower cupolas. In church you can see several icons of 19th century.

Juzefova (Juzepova) Rome Catholic Parish Church (St. Peter and Pavil Church) – the building of church was started in 1934 and ended in 1961. When the church building was completed, church was debarred and assigned for club organizing. In 1989 church was handed back to parish, phone: +371 65471321;

Slutiski old-believers village in country park „Daugava bends” – placed on right side coast terrace of Daugava vale. In this village more then couple centuries lived and still live old-believers. In façade of wood buildings you can see interesting details: window shutters, doors and pediment decorated with wood-engravings. Significant, that in Slutiski in 2005 there were filmed Siberia scenes of serial „Liktena lidumnieki” 3.part „Narbulu deli”. There is placed Naujene local history museum’s    outdoor branch – Old-believers house, +371 65471321;

Sprukti Rome Catholic Church (1938) -    three-sphere building, 28 m long,    16 m    wide and 12 m high with two towers. Church was built using big cement bricks. Interesting, that church’s building plan was made by parish priest, he superintended building process too, +371 65471321;

Kraslava Rome Catholic Church – it is the brightest example of Latgale baroque architecture. In church’s altar part is placed fresco “St. Ludwig going to Crusade” made by Italian artist Filipo Castaldi, made in 18th century. Fresco is one of most valuable monumental art of painting finds in last years. Theological seminary building was built in a middle of 18th century near to church. Kraslava theological seminary was first higher education scholastic institution in Latvia and worked from 1757 till 1843.

Indrica Catholic Church – one of the oldest Latgale wood churches - unique wood architecture monument (1655 – 1658). Phone: +371 56 22464, +371 56 47231

Piedruja Blessed Virgin Mary Rome Catholic Church – built in 1757 in the Baroque taste, here is phantasmal altar.   Phone: +371 56 47231.

Pustina Blessed Virgin Mary’s the Assumption Rome Catholic Church – built in 1817 – 1899. Phone: +371 56 69292.

Dagda Rome Catholic Church – built in 1741, in Corinthian baroque taste. Phone: +371 56 53634

Aglona basilica – built in the Baroque taste, originate with 60 m high towers. 10 luxurious altars, sight worthy several paintings. Church organ is more then 200 years old. Near basilica, at the coast of Lake Egle, in 1824 discovered Sacred spring, that healed uncountable afflicted earlier. Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 14th -15th August gathers approximately 150 thousands people. +371 53 81109, +371 29472155;

Preili Rome Catholic Church – one of the most beautiful architecture monuments in the town. Church is local importance architectural monument, where is placed 6 states importance monuments. +371 53 22801, +371 53 22041;

Preili chapel - recently rebuilt and rich with mystic stories, rich Counts Borhs patrimonial manor complex’s chapel, placed in Preili town park. In chapel you can see famous paintings copies of sacral themes; Phone; +371 53 22041; +371 53 22731.

Other interesting objects in route:

The Nicgales Big (White stone) –the biggest boulder in Latvia, placed in landscaping    forests firebreak point of intersection. Boulder’s over ground content is 170 cubic metres, length 10,5 m, width 10,4 m, height 3,5 m, but perimeter 31,1 m. +371 65422818;

Ethnography museum Andrupene farmstead – building complex of the beginning of 20th century. Here you can see ancestral household objects and stock-in-trade. Everyone can try flour grains in hand-mill and try to beat using real flail. If you apply preliminary calling +371 26458876 museum offer degustation of Latgale national food.

Bread museum – a story about bread, told by director, creator, heart and soul of museum, origin Latgalian. Here you can see old implements for bread baking - kneading dough, millstones, bread-shovels, cereal and farinaceous sieves. Here you can purchase fresh bread made by recipes of ancient Latgalians, to get to know process of baking bread. Apply excursion, phone: +371 29287044

Nearest lodging:

Preili district

    Hotel „Preili”, +371 53 07444, +371 53 81152
    Guest house „Pie Plica”, +371 53 07075, +371 29121689   
    Hotel „Gamma”, +371 53 81888.
    “Aglonas Cakuli”, +371 29194362
    Aglona basilica cloister, +371 53 81109

Daugavpils district
    Dzintarins, +371 29393941
    Leo, +371 65426565,
    Biplan Hotel, + 371 65440596,
    Olimpija, +371 65451070
    Paradize, +371 65451551
    Hotel Dinaburg, +371 65453010,
    Park Hotel Latgola, +371 65420932,   
    Sventes muiza, +371 65425108,
    Rudzupukes, +371 28319326

Kraslava district
    Holiday house “Skerskani”,   +371   29195745
    Guest house „Zive”, +371 29185835
   Youth hostel „Zvanins”, +371 26541545
   Holiday house „Dorotpole”, +371 29594368
   Hotel „Piedruja”, +371 28608784
   Hotel „Avotins”, +371 56 81158
   Holiday house “Ezersetas”, +371 29166229
    other overnight stay possibilities:,