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Through Vidzeme to Latgale

Balvi – Rezekne – Jekabpils

Latgale isn’t far! Choose more comfortable way to Latgale and drive to Pleskava road and in Smiltene crossroad turn to Gulbene. In Balvi you will be in 2,5 – 3 hours (220km) and you will enjoy Latgale nature, width of Lake Lubans and cultural – historical riches.
Length of route in Latgale: ~150 km
Duration of route: 2 days
Advisable to apply previously an excursions a visitation of objects!

Balvi –   it is an original beautiful and green provincial town in the Northeast of Latvia. Unique image of town is because of three lakes, stately one-time castle building and park, also Bear garden, where boulders of Latvia speak to us with their primeval loftiness. Balvi region museum, Balvi Evangelical Lutheran and Rome Catholic Churches (apply duly excursion calling +371 64521430), Ancient craft workshop “Laca darzs (Bear garden)”   - you can observe work of joiner, blacksmith and other crafters, you can try your sewing and cooking skills. Also here is information about neighborhood crafters. (Apply previously, +371 29376933);

On the way from Balvi to Rugaji is placed one of Balvi district nature’s monuments - Medni boulder;
Deer garde    “Mezsetas
in flood-lands meadows of Pededze river. In a farm cultivate more then 150 graceful animals, there are built towers in wide territory for deer observing. (visitation apply previously calling +371 26537752);

Private collection of antiquities “Saipetnieki” – collection of an ancient tools, wheels, agricultural technique and other in farm used objects – outdoor museum, nicely improved by landscape garden that blossoms in summer.    (+371 26519360) (Turning point to Lazdukalns, then straight, on mud road, ~ 4km);

Dundenieki ceramic workshop and kiln   - in potter workshop you can watch the film about a way how clay ball becomes in a bowl, there is a possibility to take activity by yourself. (visitation apply previously calling +371 29173889);

– the biggest lake of Latvia and place where settles thousands of rangy water birds in the spring and autumn; Teirumniki swamp path – excursion through all 3 types of swamps (+371 29165392); Nagli un Kvapani fishponds– settlement of fishermen and fishing possibilities (+371 29165392); Gaigalava birds observing towers – a possibility in nature observe birds of    224 species, that settle in Lubans wetland (+371 26439970);

Rezekne – Rezekne is placed on seven hills, symbol of it – Latgale nationalist monument "United for Latvia", in demos so called Latgales Mara. Rezekne is called as heart of Latgale, because it is placed in a middle of region territory;

Latgale Cultural – Historical museum- basic expositions – Rezekne at the turn of an epoch, clerks living room in the beginning of 20th century, video, in constant expositions " Rezekne at the turn of an epoch " rooms is placed a stand and information with world-famous Latvian film director’s Teuvo Tulio and his mother’s, Latvian ballerina’s H.E. Rönnqvist relics. (T.646 22464);

In Rezekne art high school’s art house restored rooms are placed collections of paintings from Latgale Cultural-Historical museum funds. (T.646 24341);

Rezekne Trinity Lutheran Church – built in 1938. Here you can see altar painting „Christ rescues drowning persons” made by A.Egle. There is a possibility to observe a panorama of Rezekne from church tower. (T.646 22917);

Rezekne St. Nicolas old-believers parish church is proud because of the biggest bell in Baltic. Also you can see icon, made in the end of 16th century, „About You I rejoice” (T.646 25471);

Rezekne Blessed Our Lady’s Birth orthodox church- state importance cultural monument. There you can see many icons and collection of art objects. Building of the oldest Rezekne town’s church started in 1840. In the church you can see three-level iconostasis. Near the church is placed a charnel-house of St. A.Nevskis, built in 1867.(T.64622429);

Rezekne Sorrow Our Lady’s Rome Catholic Church- building of church ended in 1936. The Church is devoted to Sorrow Our Lady (central altar). Here you can see altarpieces of the beginning of 20th century, in the church garden – Fatima’s Our Lady statue. (T. 64623500);

Blessed Jesus Heart cathedral – the biggest church in Rezekne. Since 1995 serves as Rezekne - Aglonas diocese centre with bishop’s seat. (T.64624522);

Farm „Untumi not so far from Rezekne, offers to enjoy countryside resting and to ride horses. Here is the only possibility in Baltic to observe the life of storks using optical devices. Many newly-wed comes to „Untumi” in their wedding day’s trip to go for a ride in cart and to diversify this celebratory day with various activities. ( T. 26337449);

„Kolnasata” memorial museum of Francis Trasuns. In Sakstagals you can see   exposition about F.Trasuns, writer J.Klidzejs and collection of ancient household objects, but if you will apply previously - show “Wedding in Latgale”, also involving visitors. There are regular thematic exhibitions in the big exhibition hall. (T.646 40575);

In Vilani local history museum you can get acquainted with a region history and culture from the most ancient times till nowadays. (T.646 62250);

St. Archangel Michael’s Rome Catholic Church – brick building in the Baroque taste with two towers. (T.646 62413);

Lejas dzirnavas (Vale mill) not so far from Varaklani castle, built by Count Borhs in the end of 18th century. Here is mill’s equipment in mill’s three floors. You can see how floured in last centuries. (T.646 00320);

Nearest lodging:

Balvi district
    Hotel Balvi, +371 64522307
    Holiday house Ieviņas,+371 29100644, +371 26368502
    Guest house Vizbules, +371 29118111
   Guest house Rukisi, +371 29431926
   Guest house Gundegas, +371 26541198

Rezekne district
    „Zvejnieki”, Nagli rural municipality +371 29165392
    „Birzes”, Gaigalava rural municipality +371 26439970
    Hotel „Latgale”, Rezekne 371 646 22180,
    Kolonna Hotel Rezekne, Rezekne +371 646 07820,
    „Pie Kaupra”, Jaunvilani, Vilani rural municipality +371 646 62314, +371 29440780
    „Lacu leja”, Jaunvilani, Vilani rural municipality    +371 26117460
    Social help centre „Ceriba” d/v, Celtnieku street 7, Vilani +371 646 60237
    „Laimas nams”, Lazdenieki, Deksari rural municipality +371 29345326