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Latgale`s middle 1

Varaklani – Lubana – Gaigalava – Untumi – Rezekne –Ludza – Zilupe – Dagda – Malta - Rezekne

Go to the heart of Latgale and in the same time distal point of Latvia and borderland of Europe.
Length of route in Latgale: ~290 km
Duration of route: 2-7 days

Varaklani castle and park – castle built in classicism taste in 1783-1789 for Count M.Borhs using a project of Italian architect    V.Macoti and it is one of    first-string Latgale`s castles. Near the cast is placed a landscaped park in romantic style projected by Macoti, where lies Love stone, twined with legends about unfortunate love between count’s daughter and gardener. There are Varaklani region museum placed in the castle, where you can see exposition about history of town and Varaklani manor;

Lubans – the biggest lake of Latvia and place where settles thousands of rangy water birds in the spring and autumn. It is a longstanding settlement in Baltic. Teirumniki swamp path – excursion through all 3 types of swamps (+371 29165392); Nagli and Kvapani fishponds– settlement of fishermen and fishing possibilities (+371 29165392); Gaigalava birds observing towers – a possibility in nature observe birds of 224 species, that settle in Lubans wetland (+371 26439970);

Bikava Catholic Church – several times church is rebuilt and enlarged. Altars are made in Gothic style. Here worked eminent priest Tomas Gumtemberg (made wood-engravings for organ in Gothic style);

Gunars Igaunis antique musical instruments workshop in Gaigalava - Bikava 2a, Gaigalava rural municipality, Rezekne district (+371 28728790, +371 29128199), where you can see a collection of antique musical instruments, there is a possibility to observe making process of new musical instruments, playing music. If you are interested in it, you can try by yourself to play musical instrument.

Dricani Catholic Church – church built in 1859. Altar of the Holy Spirit decorated with wood-engravings, wood statues of saints. Simanis - Judas painting, in name of them is called church;

Rezekne – Rezekne is placed on seven hills, symbol of it – Latgale nationalist monument "United for Latvia", in demos so called Latgales Mara. Rezekne is called as heart of Latgale, because it is placed in a middle of region territory; Latgale Cultural – Historical museum- basic expositions – Rezekne at the turn of an epoch, clerks living room in the beginning of 20th century, video, in constant expositions " Rezekne at the turn of an epoch " rooms is placed a stand and information with world-famous Latvian film director’s Teuvo Tulio and his mother’s, Latvian ballerina’s H.E. Rönnqvist relics. Rezekne Blessed Our Lady’s Birth orthodox church- state importance cultural monument. There you can see many icons and collection of art objects. Building of the oldest Rezekne town’s church started in 1840. In the church you can see three-level iconostasis. Near the church is placed a charnel-house of St. A.Nevskis, built in 1867; Rezekne Sorrow Our Lady’s Rome Catholic Church- building of church ended in 1936. The Church is devoted to Sorrow Our Lady (central altar). Here you can see altarpieces of the beginning of 20th century, in the church garden – Fatima’s Our Lady statue; Blessed Jesus Heart cathedral – the biggest church in Rezekne. Since 1995 serves as Rezekne - Aglonas diocese centre with bishop’s seat;

Ludza – ancient provincial town of Latgale with narrow streets and with wood houses, that is characteristic only for Latgale, with impressive castle ruins of Livonia order in the coast of lake, with many ancient Latgalians castle mounds and settlement places, ethnographical Latgalians farmsteads in Ludza museum exposition un church towers of various creeds; Ludza Livonia order’s middle age castle ruins on castle mound (1399) – in the centre of old town in a frame of Talavijas and Baznicas streets, tel.+371 5707203    Ludza historical centre with wood structure – town building architecture monument, excursion can be applied in TIC, phone: +371 5707203; Ludza local history museum – in a General’s Kulnevs patrimonial house is made museum with outdoor section, phone: +371 5723931; Ludza Crafters centre – craft salon-shop, exhibition hall, possibility to do activities by yourself. Phone: +371 29467925; +371 29123749; Ludza Orthodox Church – phone: +371 5781397; Ludza Rome Catholic Church – phone: +371 5725653;
Zilupe – town in the East of Latvia. Formed in 1900, after building railway Ventspils-Maskava – Ribinska, Zilupe railway station   uilt in 1860. Savelinki charnel-house – here are three miniature, for narrow room fitted baroque altars with eminent baroque wood-engraving, that is dated as the beginning of 18th century; Ventspils- Maskava – Ribinska railway station. Zilupe art school;

Horse manege „Zirga smaids (Horse’s smile) Zalesje    - ridding for everyone taste and skill in an accompaniment of trainer, phone: +371 29474802;

Terehova border checkpoint– new European Union border. Excursion can be only after previously applying with permits. Please take your passport with you certainly. Permits can be applied in Ludza TIC, phone: +371 5707203;

Pasiene Catholic Church – gorgeous baroque style architecture, origin in local crafters performance, unique stone church, one-time the largest religious centre in Latgale, +371 28656530. Friendship barrow – revealed for World War II antifascist coalition partisans, in 1959. There meets borders of three countries. Visitation is possible only with permits of RKP; Pasiene TIP will help to arrange permits, phone: +371 5745296; Please take your passport with you certainly; Grebla mountain – 5,4 km long and very narrow ash-tree heap, that reaches between Pintu un Sesku lakes. Is located in nature restricted area, is made path and resting places near the Pintu Lake. Austra`s tree -   on of the sculptures of Vilnis Titans, that marks the distal East point of Latvia.

Landskorona Catholic Church - present brick-wall church built in 1828 using finance of landlord Martins Karnickis. The church is a brick building without towers. Phone: +371 5658386; +371 29429028;

Memorial room of poet M.Andzane– there are many interesting materials in Skaune rural municipality’s library rooms about poet’s life in native country, about literary work, also about her life in exile period. In 1990 there was placed a memorial stone in Macu village near the native home of poet. Phone: +371 5658139;

Bukmuiza Catholic Church built in 1830. There are state importance art monuments – altar, feretron with paintings, sculptures. The church is built in the Baroque taste, without towers. +371 56 55147;

Ezezers – the richest lake with islands in Latvia. Its area is 9,88 km2, total with islands - 10,65km2. There are 69 isle-type formations – 36 real islands in the lake. Bigger one – Lacu Island (Bear Island) is 45 ha, earlier here was farmstead. +371 56 81420;

Piloru oak-grove – here is a pretty small area where grows forest of broad-leaved trees, here predominate centenarian oaks and ash-trees, very rich fauna. Here is well planned resting place; +371 56 81420;

Dagda – small, beautiful and quiet provincial town of Latgale, founder    of it was Janis Francis Hilzens, he gave a name for that place - Dageten. In the centre of provincial town there are preserved red brick buildings so called “buildings of Jewish tradesmen” from the beginning of 20th century. +371 56 81420; Dagda Rome Catholic Church in honor of Trinity built in 1741 in baroque taste. Church was built by landlord Jans Augusts Hilzens (1702–1767). It is 42 m long and 33 m wide three-floor room with cement floor and brick arch ceiling. Three luxurious brick wall altars with cornices and pilasters. +371 5653634, +371 56 81420
Dagda Orthodox Church – Dagda`s parish was renewed only in 1995. +371 56 81420, +371 26390591.

Dagda old-believers church – building isn’t a cultural – historical monument, but there is big value about furniture of church and sacred objects; +371 56 81420;

Ethnography museum Andrupene farmstead – building complex of the beginning of 20th century. Here you can see ancestral household objects and stock-in-trade. Everyone can try flour grains in hand-mill and try to beat using real flail. If you apply preliminary calling +371 26458876 museum offer degustation of Latgale national food.

Stone lunar calendar in Litavnieki – you can see cult-stone collection of our ancestry; +371 28702943;

Visiting workshop of ceramist Aivars Uspelis – master pays attention to research traditional clay processing methods and to retain it, he uses technology that is friendly to human and nature and also he tries to raise prestige of craft, he organizes exhibitions and realizes various projects. Also you can see collection of antique objects. Master is a participant of the group „Pudniku skula”;

Farm „Untumi to enjoy countryside resting and to ride horses. Many newly-wed comes to „Untumi” in their wedding day’s trip to go for a ride in cart.

Nearest lodging:

Rezekne district

Ludza district
   Recreation centre „Dzerkali”, +371 26324735,
   Guest house „Akmeni”, +371 26454793,
   Hotel „Ludza”, +371 26342090
   Guest house „Viksnas”, +371 29466588
   Farm „Ezerzemes” +371 29488376,
   Guest house „Meldri”, +371   29485444
   Recreation centre „Zirga smaids”,   +371 29492552, +371 29474802,

Kraslava district
   Recreation centre „Obitela”, +371 29152078
   Holiday house „Tineji” +371 26832249
   Holiday house „Vejrozes” +371 29758771
   Hotel „Avotins”, +371 56 81158
   Holiday house “Pinti” +371 26410859
   Holiday house “Ezersetas”, +371 29166229