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German crusader legend in Latgale

DaugavpilsMakonkalns – Rezekne – Ludza - Vilaka

Crusaders left their track in Latgale too! You will hear legendary stories through all Latgale. In the base of route is a legend about Volkenberg, king of Makonkalna castle.
Length of route in Latgale: ~390 km
Duration of route: 2-3 days

After death of Volkenberga castle’s king and queen there left their three daughters: Roze, Lucia and Maria, all wide property of castle region was divided among them. Each of sisters built new castle on their inherited land. The first one was Roze – she built Rezekne, later Lucia (Ludza) and Maria – (Vilaka). But in someday so great castle Volkenberga on Cloud Mountain ruined.

Vecpils (Naujene) castle mound -   located on the coast of Daugava. It was populated in 8-13 century. On castle mound you can see ruins of Livonia order Daugavpils commuter castle (Dinaburga castle), built in 1275, and miniature castle model (1997).    There is organized resting place near castle mound – Knights Square, every year an activity occurs here and people get in knights and maids of honor, people that contributed development of Naujene rural municipality. Naujene knight’s title is assigned to Latvia’s expresident Guntis Ulmanis; also a lot of Latvia’s politicians have this title. Castle mound can be passed round from other side, going along Daugava coast, +371 65471321;

Dinaburga castle model on Markova path in country park “Daugava bends”. In the beginning of the second millenary there was located Novene castle. In 1275 Livonia order’s magistrate Ernests von Raceburgs here put fundament for Dinaburga castle – for fortress on Daugava coast. Castle was here till 1582, after that castle was moved to current place. Now on castle mound you can see castle ruins and castle model in scale 1:40 (built Daugavpils national artist Igors Manzoss). Hillside of Daugava vale’s right coast near former Juzepova manor is occupied by Wood Park with rare trees and plants. Walking over castle mound you can visit Knight’s road, little bridge of Lovers and Wishes, and Knight’s square.

Makonkalns - Livonia order’s headquarters in Latgale, legendary castle;

Rezekne castle mound – in period from 9-13 century it was fortified domicile of ancient Latgalians, in period of the end of 13th century till the middle of the 16th century – it served as residence of Livonia order. In the end of the 17th century castle wasn’t populated anymore. Rozenava seat on the coast of river Rezekne;

Ludza castle mound – the great order’s defense castle built in 1399 for fighting off    attack of the Slavs, place where appeared a legend about Lucia and building of Lucina castle;

Marienhauzena castle    – castle ruins on the island of Vilaka Lake.

Nearest lodging:

Daugavpils district
    Dzintarins, +371 29393941
    Leo, +371 65426565,
    Biplan Hotel, + 371 65440596,
    Olimpija, +371 65451070
    Paradize, +371 65451551
    Hotel Dinaburg, +371 65453010,
    Park Hotel Latgola, +371 65420932,   
    Sventes muiza, +371 65425108,
    Rudzupukes, +371 28319326

Kraslava district

Rezekne district
    Recreation centre „Razna”- 29994444;
    Recreation centre „Raznas licis”- 29176687;

Ludza district
    Hotel „Apsisu smaids”, +371 5752582
    Recreation centre „Cirmas ezerkrasts”, +371 28332523,   
    Guest house „Akmeni”, +371 26454793,
    Hotel „Ludza”, +371 26342090
    Recreation centre „Dzerkali”, +371 26324735,

Balvi district
    Guest house Zivsalas, +371 22330887
    Guest house Starki, +371 9116971, +371 29183299