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Nature specimens
Šalupinki, Zvirgzdenes pagasts, Ciblas nov., LV 5752
Phone: 371 657 00834
The ancient hillfort on the Lielā Ludzas lake bank. There is beautiful view over the lake on Ludza town. Near are the ancient settlement places.
Nature specimens
Isnaudas, Ņukšu pagasti, Ludzas nov.
Phone: 371 657 29443. 371 26525785 (lauku māja "Aizupmājas")
The lake is on national defense. This is the biggest lake of lake group, rich with fish and different kinds of water fowls, specific and protected species of plants. On the east bank is old hillfort.
Nature specimens
Vienības iela 27, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65426789. +371 29621191
Nature specimens
Saliena, Saliena parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov., LV-5469
Phone: +371 6547674
Nature specimens
Rudovi, Lauderu pagasts, Zilupes nov., LV 5722 371 29469278
The highest point in district of Ludza. Around the ancient hill is very wonderful nature. The tipical view of Latgalian hill.
Nature specimens
Šķeltovas pagasts, Aglonas nov., LV 5653
Phone: 371 656 22201; 653 22100. 371 29118597
It is not big, clear lake of very beautiful and unusual color. Ir is located in the bilberries forest. Velezers was taken for mysterious place for a long time.
Nature specimens Active rest
Krāslava, Krāslavas nov., LV-5601
Phone: +371 65622201
One of the highest observation towers in Latvia (32 m), from which a beautiful sight to Daugava can be viewed.
Nature specimens Active rest
Katleši, Žīguru pagasts, Viļakas nov., LV-4584
Phone: + 371 645 63723. + 371 26567080
Rout of ecotourism. Exotic species of plants and trees, underground springs, secular trees.
Nature specimens Recreation near the water
Slutiski, Naujene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65422818
Nature specimens
Robežnieki, Robežnieku pagasts, Krāslavas nov., LV-5666
Phone: +371 22015347, +371 65629524
It is located in Robežnieki, on the shore of the lake Lielais Gusena ezers, in picturesque neighbourhood with naturally preserved stages of survey, there are also two facilitated resting areas. The total length of the path is 1,3 km. There are 15 stops with information stands and attractive tasks along the path. The path made with a purpose for everybody to learn about nature objects, get aesthetic satisfaction and have a good rest.
Nature specimens
"Gulbji" (Dvietes senlejas informācijas centrs), Putnu sala, Bebrenes pagasts, Ilūkstes novads, Daugavpils rajons, Ilūkstes nov., LV-5439
Phone: +371 65400220. +371 26109353
The route of ecotourism on the flood-land meadows, to see a variety of birds and nature. April - May- is possibility to go boating with quid along the flood-land meadows.
Nature specimens
Stiglova, Šķilbēnu pagasts, Viļakas nov., LV-4587
Phone: 371 645 21243
3 - 4 m high rocks outcrops of sandstone, 60 different spacies of plants.
Nature specimens
Nicgale parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65476748
It is the biggest boulder in Latvia. Its size is 10.5 x 10.4 m and volume - 174 c. m.
Nature specimens
Meikšāni, Pasienes pagasts, Zilupes nov., LV 5732
Phone: 371 657 29925 (pagasta padome). 371 28656530 (gide-Ilga Ivanova)
Original geological formation - sandosar kettle back, is formed 14 milj years ago in the crack of glacier, with the rare fauna species and scales-alars, under the national defense. Near the nature trail is only beach, the place of rest. Tourists must have passports, because it is the borderland.
Saunas Tents places Premises for conferences Public Internet access Nature specimens Overnight accommodations at the countryside Recreation near the water
Guteņi, Aglonas novads, LV 5304 371 29234425; +371 28350601
Acquaintance with characters of fairytales. Poetic excursion and staging of families children "Sapņi pie dabas". Herbal plants, observation of birds and animals. There are all the sorts of berries, which grows in Latvia.
Nature specimens Active rest
Kalnaji, Svente parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov., LV-5473 +371 22034430, +371 20382060
It is the highest top in Daugavpils region, relative height is 42, 5 m. There is prospect tower, from which is very beautiful view on Daugavpils region and Lithuania.
Nature specimens
Lazdukalni, Vecsaliena parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 654 76748
Nature specimens
"Nitiši-13", Naujene parish, Daugavpils nov. +371 25900041
Nature specimens
Pilskalne, Pilskalnes pagasts, Daugavpils rajons, Ilūkstes nov.
Phone: +371 65462296. +371 29264801
There are 5 routs - dendrological, geological, Sprīdītis trail fo children with 32 wooden sculptures, tho route "Vēstures liecinieki" (bunkers of German soldiers from the 1. World War), Augšzemes landscape trail (8 km) - biotope of a pond, 6 lakes, 22 anthills, the highest place in the territory of district (186 m a. s. l ), sight tower, hillforts, guest house "Driģenes"
Tents places Nature specimens Recreation near the water Active rest
Kivti, Zvirgzdenes pagasts, Ciblas nov., LV 5752 371 29123749
Cirmas lake is one of the cleanest and one of the most suitable for rest lakes.
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