Recreation place "Latgales sēta"

Active rest
The recreation place “Latgales sēta” is located on the shore of Daugava River in Slutiski, Naujene parish.

This place was provided with the necessary infrastructure in order to take visitors, both local inhabitants and tourists, during the active holiday season.

This recreation place can be interesting for people of all ages, and not only adults but also children will find some activities here. Here was created also a playground for children, as well as the gates, which will only be opened in special cases, because the place is separated from a road. There was created also a walking trail.

Where it was possible, the materials of the objects were chosen from wood to be as close as it is possible to the surrounding environment, while one of the main and visible objects, the newly built stage, is made of concrete. This stage was necessary for the organization of cultural events, and if up to now the biggest cultural event of the district, the Festival “Augšdaugava”, has had problems with the placement of dancers and techniques, then these problems are now resolved.
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Slutiski, Naujene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65422818

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