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Cultural-historical objects
Birkineli, Kalkuni parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov. +371 28614468
In Birkeneles Lutheran Chruch tourist cemetery is seen ex Berkeneles (Birkeneles) evangelical lutheran Church (1830) building. The Church was built for count Fridriha fon Klopmana assets. Its steeple is decorated with the ornamental weathercock. The church, when soviet power took away it from parish, is not working many years. Near the church is a resting place of German teacher Bazeners, German teacher of J. Rainis. Bazeners worked as scoolmaster in Grivas German secondary school. On the right side from Bazenera cemetery place is cemetery place of Birkinelu ex - landlord, baron, Vidzemes landmarshal Hamilkars fon Felkerzams.
Cultural-historical objects
Rītupes iela 9, Bērzgale, Bērzgales pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4612 +371 28345990
The Church was built in 1750. It has formal likeness with Aglonas basilica.
Cultural-historical objects
Bērzgale, Aglonas novads, LV 5304
Phone: 653 22100. 371 26134126
The church was built 1744.- 1751. It is one of the oldest wooden Churches in Latvia. Here can be visited 32 art monuments, among them the organ.
Cultural-historical objects
Miera iela 2, Gaigalava, Gaigalavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4618 +371 26649317
The Churchs altars are made in Gothic style
Cultural-historical objects
Demene, Demene parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov., LV-5442
Phone: +371 27146299
Cultural-historical objects
Ūdrišu parish, Borovka, Krāslava Municipality, Krāslavas nov.
Phone: +371 28856787
Borovkas church was built in 1811 by Vaclovs and Kasimir Plateri. Borovka was Kraslavas congregation branch. Book your visit in advince!
Cultural-historical objects
Brigi, Brigu pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5707 371 26516714
Brigu Catholic Church is built in 1880. during Pasienes dominican mission works. It is wooden church, almost wooden interior, precious altar piece. There is garden and wall around the church.
Cultural-historical objects
Brodaiža, Pildas pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5708
Phone: 371 657 29276. 371 29243655 (priesteris)
Pasienes dominicans built the first chapel in 17. century. Our days church was built in 1813. for Brodaižas stewards K. Kilborta money. It is church building with very thick stone - walls. The church is copulative building with not big turret and two altars. It is at national defense.
Cultural-historical objects
Brodaiža, Pildas pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5708 371 29542421; 371 29403104
Brodaižas Orthodox wooden Church is national defensed architectural monument. It is built in 1751., decorated with woodcarving, is loved and taken care by nation.
Cultural-historical objects
Vabole, Vabole parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov. +371 28213377, +371 29964210
Cultural-historical objects
Ezernieki, Dagdas novads, Dagdas nov., LV 5692
Phone: +371 656 53247. +371 26472466
national importance art monuments: altar, feretron with pictures, sculptures
Cultural-historical objects
Meikšāni, Pasienes pagasts, Zilupes nov., LV 5732
Phone: 371 657 29925 (pagasta padome). 371 28656530 (gide-Ilga Ivanova)
Burial-mound of friendship is the mound with oak-tree in the centre of it. It was planted in 1959. in honour of friengship of three nation countries, in struggles on the borders meeting place of Russia, Byelorussia and Latvia. There is a possibility to visit this place only with passports and with permits, which are given by border control post Pasiene. The group of sculptures " Latvia in the sign of sun" is made by sculptor V. Titans. They are placed at the endpoints of the north, the east, the south, the west of Republic of Latvia. District Pasiene is located on the east of Latvia, therefore here is placed Austras tree as landmark of east border of Latvia.
Cultural-historical objects
Dricāni, Dricānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4615 +371 29214848
Nowadays church was built in 1859. The Holy Ghost altar and wooden statuettes of Saints are decorated with woodcarvings.
Cultural-historical objects
Dviete, Dvietes pagasts, Ilūkstes nov.
Phone: +371 65475434, +371 65422818
Dvietes Sv. Staņislava Kostkas Romas katoļu baznīca (St. Stanislavs Kostka Roman Catholic Church in Dviete) was built in 1864 in baroque style for landlords Kazimirs Plāters - Zībergs money. It is architectural monument of great importance in Latvia, one of the magnificent religious interiors of baroque style in Daugavpils region.
Cultural-historical objects
Pilcene,Dricānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4615
Phone: +371 64644069 (pašvaldība). +371 29214848
This is the oldest wooden church in Latgale. It was built in 1670. The cultural monument of national value. Price
Cultural-historical objects
Puša, Pušas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4635
Phone: +371 64646045 (pašvaldība). +371 26578624
The wooden church was built in 1760. It was settling place of Dominicans. There are 3 altars with woodcuts. It is the national cultural monument.
Cultural-historical objects
Pušmucova, Pušmucovas pagasts, Ciblas nov., LV 5742 371 26171746 (mācītājs); 371 28345990 (draudze)
Typical example of stone church. It was built of grey stones in 1852. by project of architect Paracco.
Cultural-historical objects
Raipole, Nirzas pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5736
Phone: 371 657 29724
The first church was built by Dominicans in 1699. The last grey stone church was confirmed by dean A. Urbšs in 1932. It is classical, three-storied building with the naivety of countryside in the interior. Some years ago it was successfully restored. The prayers of churchgoers are added by the organ music on Sundays.
Cultural-historical objects
Rikava, Rikavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4648
Phone: +371 64607081 (pašvaldība)
The count Riks supported to built the church in 19. century. The village Rikava has his name. Near the church is cemetary and chapel, where is located the place of a grave of count Riks. The local cultural monument.
Cultural-historical objects
Chervonka, Vecsaliena parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65475870
Červonkas (Vecsalienas) estate castle was built in 1870. It has Neogothic style and is placed in park, which was made in 19. century. It is very beautiful building with dynamical and difficult komposition - real fairytale's castle. The building ends with ridged roof. Its plastic makes rhizolithes, mezzanines, tower. The details are made very carefully. They are various and successsfully add expression of spatial solution. For example, window openings are sharp-bow, segment-shaped, rectangular and round. Different is also its decorative arrangement and position on the facade. They are classified into two, three and four, sometimes is seen arcade. The big halls and the second floors round windows decor are connected. They are three impressive sharp-bow arches, supported on the pillars, what makes this part of the facade special. There is seen stained-glass window of baron cabinet and big hall with pompous ceilings. Near the castle and estate construction is a huge park, 3 ha big with at least 14 exotic species of trees. ***Dear tourists and travellers, we would like to let you know that Vecsaliena castle (Chervonka castle) roof's restoration works are taking place in Vecsaliena parish of Daugavpils region. Works will continue until October 2016. At this moment, approximately 2/3 of castle's facade are "hidden" from the eyes of visitors behind building constructions.***
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