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Atbrīvošanas aleja 102, Rēzekne, LV - 4600
Phone: +371 646 22464
The main exhibitions Rēzekne at the turn of an epoch, the living room of the official at the beginning of 20. century, videos. Regular exhibitions "Rēzekne at the turn of an epoch". In the room is stand and information with relics of world-famous Latvian film director Teuvo Tulio and his mother's Latvian ballet-dancer H. E. Rönnqvist.
Deimaņi ,Ozolaines pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4633
Phone: +371 64624808. +371 29422282
The museum of writer A. Norica, the exhibition of fine arts works.
Saipetnieki, Lazdukalna pagasts, Rugāju nov., LV-4577 + 371 26519360
The collection of ancient tools, utilitarian objects, agricultural etc. machinery. In summer creative garden.
Parka iela 14, Žīguru pagasts, Viļakas nov., LV-4587
Phone: + 371 645 63723. + 371 26567080
With forest and animals are connected observations, hunt traditions, old tools.
Cultural-historical objects Museums
Slutiski, Naujene parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov., LV-5462
Phone: +371 65471321. +371 29468988
Sakstagals, Sakstagala pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4638
Phone: +371 646 40594. +371 26248270
Exposition about F. Trasūnu, writer J. Klīdzeju, the kollection of ancient utilitarian objects.
Kultūras laukums 2, Viļāni, Viļānu novads, Viļānu nov., LV - 4650 +371 26476570
The regular exhibition about history of the city Viļāni from the ancient till ourdays. The excursions.
Tilžas iela 7, Baltinava, Baltinavas nov., LV-4594 + 371 29341738
Local history, ethnography and craft
Puša, Pušas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4635 +371 26189569
Parka iela 8, Malta, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4630
Phone: +371 64621521, +371 26189569
The historical exposition about history of district (19. - 20. century)
Kuļņeva iela 2, Ludza, Ludzas nov., LV 5701
Phone: 371 657 23931
The museum is located in the General Kuļņev’s – the hero of the war with Napoleon – house. Its exposition displays widely history of the region from the ancient times to nowadays. In the Nature exposition you will get information about birds and animals of Latgale biotopes: lakes, forests, meadows and swamps. In the Museum there are regular art and craft exhibitions. The museum is located in the General Kuļņev’s – the hero of the war with Napoleon – house. Its exposition displays widely history of the region from the ancient times to nowadays, the nature and exhibition halls regularly display art and crafts works. The open-air department is also interesting with its buildings, which date back to the beginning and middle of the 20th century and characterise life of Latgale region New! A branch of Ludza Museum – Ludza Great Synagogue opened its doors for visitors in 2016.
Premises for conferences Museums
Vabole, Vabole parish, Daugavpils nov. +371 26420547
Balvu iela 13, Viļaka, Viļakas nov., LV-4583
Phone: + 371 64563302. + 371 25926616
Cibla, Ciblas novads, LV 5709
Phone: 371 657 29046
The museum is placed in the Eversmuižas manor-house, it aggregates information about local history, culture, education and nowadays. It offers excursions on the cognitive trail, activ touristic events (horse riding)
Dekšāres, Dekšāru pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Viļānu nov., LV - 4614 +371 26315046
district history
Pils Street 8, Krāslava, Krāslavas nov., LV-5601
Phone: +371 656 23596
There is a unique exhibition called “Five oars” which is placed in the 17 meters long improvised boat
Līdumnieki, Ciblas novads 371 22009819; 371 28625187
In the museum are placed relics from the Second World War, ancient utilitarian objects.
Cultural-historical objects Museums
Rīgas iela 22a, Daugavpils +371 29461765
22a Rīgas Street (Unity House), Daugavpils, LV-5400 +371 26823143
Premises for conferences Museums
1 Skolas Street, Naujene, Naujene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65471321. +371 26532508
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