Naujene Local History Museum

Naujene Local History Museum for visitors offers an opportunity to explore the history, ethnography and nature of Daugavpils District, get to know local outstanding artists, participate in art workshops, be involved into the Guiness World Record setting by participating in Augsdaugava Big Quilt creation, as well as participate in events organized by the museum.

Museum offers:

* “SirdsDaugava” - an exposition about Daugavas Loki Nature Park (Daugava Bends) and the underwater world of the Daugava River;
* Interactive exposition about Augsdaugava Protected Landscape Area;
* Valentina Zeile art gallery, expositions: "Latgalian parisian Valentina Zeile", "The heritage of the family", "Talk" ("Dedication to the life of Christ"), "Flight" (from 13.05.2017);
* Ethnographic expositions – “The Room of Prosperous Peasant” – exposition devoted to 19th-20th c. peasant’s lifestyle and exposition “Skovorda, ližeika, kačerāgs i citi štrumenti” - exposition devoted to cooking tools, from 19.04.2017);
* Expositions devoted to the cultural heritage of Daugavpils District: "Polish cultural heritage in Daugavpils District", "The door into the past: the charm of the Soviet times", "The story of Ivanovi family", "Old-Believers' family stories" (from 28.05.2017)

Opening hours:

October - April
Monday - Friday 8.00 – 17.00
Saturday, Sunday - closed

May - September
Monday - Friday 8.00 – 17.00
Saturday 10.00 - 17.00
Sunday - closed

Excursion offer:

* "The Pearls of Daugavpils District" - excursion around the Naujene Local History Museum;
* "The Secrets of Augsdaugava" - the aim of this excursion is to give and insight to the Augšdaugava Landscape Protected Area and Daugavas Loki Nature Park, objects included in the route: Naujene Local History Museum, Vecpils Hillfort, Dinaburg Castle Model and a nature path, Vasargeliski Sightseeing Tower, Markova Cognitive Path, Slutiski Old Believer's Village and exposition "Slutiski Old Believers' Rural Court";
* "Polish Cultural Heritage in Daugavpils District" - this excursion gives an insight to the Polish cultural heritage in Naujene Parish, objects included in the route: Juzefova Roman Catholic Church and Juzefova Manor Park;
* "Slutiski Novels" - this excursion is an attempt to introduce the biggest values of Slutiski Village: the well-saved housing and Old Believers cultural heritage;
* "The Stone Dinaburg Livonian Order's Castle" - this excursion introduces Vecpils Hillfort - the place where Dinaburg (Daugavpils) was founded; it is possible to walk by the nature path to the ruins and the model of the Dinaburg Castle, after the excursion - have a rest on the "Knights' Glide" ("Bruņinieku laukums") - equipped outdoor rest place;
* "A Visit to Hospitable Latgalian People: Wort Workshop" - a possibility to get acquianted with an ancient craft - wort making. Wort is a very healthy, non-alcoholic drink. Two variants are possible: 50 min long excursion and a Full-day Workshop.
- 50 min long excursion
Visitors have an opportunity to get acquainted with preparation process of the wort drink: to get to know the ancient equipment, participate in straw filter making, mashing and hop boiling process. Everyone is welcome to hear traditions and customs that were followed during the wort making and while brewing the beer later;
- Full-day Workshop
Visitors have an opportunity to explore the ancient wort making process from the ground up, have a hand in every stage of its creation and also get to know how does wort convert into beer.


* Clay workshop - a possibility to make your first work of art;
* Glass painting workshop - a possibility to make a beautiful work of art from a simple glass, vase etc.;
* Herbal tea workshop - getting to know herb variety, ignite a samovar, taste some herbal tea, which was picked in Daugavas Loki Nature Park;


* Naujene Local History Museum celebrates the sculptor's Valentina Zeile 80th anniversary in 2017, various events and exhibitions are be dedicated to her this year;

* The museum is setting a Guinness World Record by creating Augsdaugava Big Quilt. The aim is to create the biggest quilt in Latvia by involving as many people as possible. It is planned to stretch the quilt above the Daugava River from one river bank to another. To join this action you need to chochet, knit or weave one square of 10x10 cm or 20x20 cm. At this moment 5000 people are involved in the action and 300 m are knitted.
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1 Skolas Street, Naujene, Naujene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65471321. +371 26532508
55°56'10.3" N, 26°42'57.2" E

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