Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Jaunborne

The small and very simple Jaunborne Holy Cross Catholic Church was built in 1859 at will of Polish landlord Julius Sivickis. In 1890 it was rebuilt. In 1921 it was renewed. It is interesting for art admirers, the most interesting things are - woodcarving of organ prospectus, which, probably, is a part of mannerism style from Elerne Church's furnishing. There is a cemetery around the church. In its centre there are burials of Sivickis family.

Jaunborne was a subsidiary church of Elerne. It was built in 1859 in honour of Holy Cross. The founder of the church Julius Sivickis (1812 – 1877) was buried in church’s garden. In 1890 it was rebuilt. In 1921 it was renewed. Jaunborne church was built of stone and had shape of the cross. From the outside it was coloured white. Its roof was made of galvanized plate-tin and had one tower and a small gazebo in the middle. The tower was roofed in with small plate-tin and was coloured. On the sides of the church there were 3 windows with iron-bars. In the middle, in lengthening cross wall there were 2 windows. In the presbytery there were windows too. The area of the presbytery was hexagon. Near the presbytery there were 2 sacristies. In end of the presbytery there was high stone white coloured chapel with niche on it. In the niche there was the figure of Christ with wooden cross. The church was 15m long and 7m wide. In the tower there were 2 small bells. Above the entrance there was inscription in Polish language: “God is our refuge and strength”. In the church there were 3 altars. On the big altar there was the Saviour’s Cross. On the right side there was altar of regular helper of the Virgin with the paintings of the Virgin and St. Joseph. On the left side there was altar of Jesus’ Hearts with the paintings of Jesus’ Heart and St. Nicholas. In the church there was oaken pulpit. In choral room there was an organ (renewed in 1975) and a harmonium.

Around the garden there was stone fence with cement roof, but in front of the church – iron fence on stone foundation. In the left corner of the garden there was big hole where dean P.Jakoveļs wanted to build a house for priests. In the garden there was Mission Cross that was built in 1935, when father B.Skrinda carried out mission here. In church garden was buried dean Teodors Kulikovskis (1874 – 1931).
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Jaunborne, Saliena parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phones: +371 29498216
55°51'55.6" N, 26°55'29.9" E

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