Tabore Manor

The estate in Tabore is located at the beginning of river Daugava winding, not far away from Daugavpils road from Kraslava to Lielborne. Its central structure consists of a group of buildings, which are dominated by the manor house. It has lost a large part of the decorative detail and splendor, but, still, the park and the oval front yard road, and two boulder stone farm buildings’ bend are located in the former economic, administrative and cultural activities intersection.

The manor house of the estate was built in 1875. The basic volume of the building is symmetrical except the latter asymmetrical addition in the one part. The symmetrical part with risalit in the center is artistically expressive. The risalit pediment is made from wood, in cottage style. The windows of the roof and tower also correspond to this stylistic direction, which can be seen only in the photos of 1920. In the 80s the pediment decoration, the door leaf with the skylight and other very important decorative framed details was disappeared, too. These elements made the manor house bright, tracery and appropriate to the surrounding landscape diversity.

Sometimes the room decor was mode along with the building construction. Only the door portals, the ceiling finished with plant and some other details remained. At the beginning of the 20th century Tabore estate belonged to the baron’s von Engelhart family. Elernas (Elkshnu) Catholic chapel (1651) is also located in Tabore village. The polychrome wooden molding “The Annunciation” (17th century) remained in it.
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Tabore, Tabore parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
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55°51'58.2" N, 26°39'10.9" E

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