Zirgu oāze

Rural house
The guest house and a picnic place is available for 6-8 persons. It is possible to arrange a camp for 6 persons that includes practical activities (living and working with horses).
We offer accommodations and relaxation by the horse farm. We offer horseback riding, carriage rides, photo sessions with horses, horseback riding and carriage rides for events, reittherapy (recreational gymnastics). The horse herd consists of selectively bred horses. In Riebiņi, the horses reside from their birth till they are 2 years old. Every day the horses are taken to a pen for them to freely run around, develop their agility by playing together and to spend time in fresh air. The horses get used to being around people and learn elementary norms of behavior. They really love playing, having fun in the snow and swimming in the water.

The name "Trīs vītolu staļļi" ("The Three Willow Stables") originates from the fact that two willows were planted in an equal distance from one large willow that stands by the stables. By the time they will grow large, several generations of horses will have grown in Riebiņi.
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Skolas 11, Riebiņi, Riebiņu nov., LV-5326
Phone: 371 653 56807. 371 29112796, 26339388,
56°20'11.5" N, 26°48'2" E

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