Lazertag Vizbuli

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Laser tag is a safe and painless shooting game with harmless infrared laser weapons, which can be played by children who have reached age of 6 years.

Shooting, running, hiding from the opponent and tension that’s lurking behind every corner, will give you your dose of adrenaline. The Laser Tag game captures every single player and, no matter how tired he is, everyone want to continue. A girl or a boy, everyone can get into a sniper or a soldier’s skin and, acting in a team, defeat the opponent. Birthday, name day or just good mark at school- “Vizbuļi” is an excellent party place or place where to spend time with friends.

From Daugavpils you can get there:

– by car
– by minibus (up to 12 people – 45 EUR)
– by bus (up to 28 people – 60 EUR)
– by public transport (Bus station – Demene, Zemgale)
24 Draudzības Street, Demene, Demene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 20 583 044

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