Obelisk Farm

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Obelisk farm is an industrial hemp farm and a place where you can escape from the everyday life and reconnect with youself. We offer various hemp products such as hemp oil, hemp tea, hemp spice, hemp salt, hemp honey and more. We also invite you to join our farm:
+ Take a tour around the farm: exploring how we grow hemp and turn it into useful products. It is also intended to raise awareness of the benefits of hemp plant.
+ Participate in a workshop: It's always a thrill learning something new, especially when it's usable in your daily life or gives you a little something to showcase to friends. Workshops - hemp soap making and hemp rope.
+ Stop by for a tasting: Unlimited tasting of hemp products while learning about hemp.
+ Corporate events: Get out of the office for a unique business event utilizing the great outdoors, incredible food and hands on experiences to strengthen the bonds of work and play. Expertly executed and original, we create events that are tailored to fit the collective personality of your group - in every way.
Opening hours: By appointment only.
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Gulbji, Obeliškas, Dekšāres pagasts, Viļānu novads, LV-4614
Phones: +371 25123595

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