The Exposition of Medical History

The exposition of Medical History is located in Daugavpils Medical College. This is the only one exposition in Latgale that reflects the theme of the history of medicine. The first part of the exposition is devoted to the 70th anniversary of the college. Visitors can watch a film about the history of the college and listen to the stories of former teachers on the audio tracks that are broadcasted on the old radio device. The exhibition stands are supplemented by historical photos and tell us about different time periods of the college: 1939 - 1943, 1954 - 1960, 1961 - 1970, 1980 – 2000 and nowadays.

The second part of the exposition consists of the medical equipment of the 70-80s of the 20th century, work accessories and tools of various medical specialists, specialized equipment and diagnostic equipment, different types of tubes as well as hygiene and pharmaceuticals products and pharmacy glassware. Visitors of the exposition can see nursing uniforms, the hospital bed of the 70s for adults and children, the incubator for premature children, authentic bedding and clothes for babies. It is also possible to see the lockers of the procedure room in which medical supplies were stored, the tools that were used in the work by the audiologist, ophthalmologist or oculist, surgeon and other doctors. There is wide range of exhibits: glass syringes, needles, phonendoscopes, sphygmomanometers, blood-sampling equipment, physiotherapy apparatus, military medical training kit etc. that are no longer found in modern hospitals.

There is a doctor's office in the exposition where it is possible to see the original furniture, wall clock with a pendulum, doctor bag, a variety of household items, ancient recipes, medical journals and musical plates. This room is dedicated to the Joseph Markevich who was the well-known surgeon in Daugavpils. Dr. Markevich taught surgery, pathological anatomy and pathological physiology in the Medical College in 1950 – 1989. What’s more, there is possibility to observe medical reference literature, dictionaries and various medical books in Latin, German, Latvian and Russian in the exhibition display cases and ancient bookshelves.

The doctor's office is supplemented by various elements of the interior - Order of the Three Stars (1st class), the front cap of the soldier of the Bauska Infantry Regiment (1926). There is the copyright certificate (issued in 1971) on the invention of medicaments and lecture notes of the 60s.
Interesting narration is available for visitors in Latvian, Russian and English. Visiting by appointment only!
Visitors can enjoy delicious and healthy food in the cafeteria of Daugavpils Medical College - by prior arrangement. There is also accommodation in the modern and comfortable hostel available.
Varšavas iela 26a, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65437943. +371 29341388
55°52'28.108" N, 26°32'6.152" E

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