Esplanade Rest Park

Active rest
Esplanade Rest Park is the first bike park in the Baltics covering an area of 4 hectares in the urban environment. This park includes a variety of areas - a skatepark, an asphalted cycling track, an adventure trail and a children's area. The park is multifunctional and is adapted for 8 different vehicles - mtb, bmx, street, balance bike, skateboard, longboard, roller skates and scooter.

A skatepark is a reinforced concrete structure. A visual and functional solution of the skatepark goes hand in hand with the city overview. Each edge of the stucture delights park users.

The cycling track is the place for active rest and it is adapted for cyclists of all ages and cycling levels. This is specially constructed asphalt track that consist of the mounds of various sizes, turns and small jumps. The cycling track can be seen freely from any point so there is no risk of collision. There is soft lawn around the track.

The children's cycling track is similar to cycling track for adults however only in smaller sizes. The height of the mounds is less than 30 cm, they are gentle and suitable for children's level.

Skills park is only for cyclists. An interesting approach and integration of different structures - all it makes the trip exciting. Skills park is nature and environmentally friendly and it perfectly integrates into the landscape.

The children's skills park. The difference between adult's and children's skills park is in sizes, types of installed constructions and levels of complexity.

There are many walking trails so this park is accessible to both locals and city guests.
Esplanāde, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65422818. +371 26444810

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