Catholic Church of St.Pavil and St.Peter

Riebiņi Catholic church is a great example of a change in 19-20th century tradition in regional architecture.
The first catholic church in Riebiņi was built by landlord Veisenhofs in 1771. It was a wooden building with one tower, with a panelling facade. After the construction of the new church, the old one, that was in a very bad state, was pulled down. The current church was built in the lead of a dean Dominiks Andrekus, the construction work was taking place up until 1907. He used the Nīdermuiža church building plan, and had the same construction work manager. The dean Andrekus died in February 15 in 1908. He hadn't installed windows and doors in the new church - it was done by the next dean. The construction was begun in 1894 and finished in 1909. The church is built of split boulders. At sides, ledges and towers it is made of red brick. The church is on a bank of Feimaņi river, in the very centre of Riebiņi. The highly functional and ascetic interior is combinated with a very painterly and color-varied facade with elements of neo gothic. The Riebiņi church is 15 meters long and 12 meters wide with a tin roof. It consists of three "navas" with a tile floor. The church has electricity. Both the church and sacristy can be heated.
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Riebiņu nov., LV-5326
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