Roman Catholic Church of Heart of Jesus

Pieniņi Roman Catholic Church of Heart of Jesus is lately well known for weddings and christenings, thanks to its innovative pastor, Aigars Bernāns, who is trying to attract youth to the church, and thanks to the beauty of the church and its surroundings.
During summer season it is not rare for the church to hold several weddings in a day. The church is located by the Pieniņi lake. Nearby is a well-mainainted, small beach. The old wooden church in Pieniņi was built in 1806 and has been preserved till our times, but is currently used as a storage place. The wooden church was built by the lord Borhs. In 1936, the dean J.Kiseļevskis was ordered to build a new church by the lake. The church is created of concrete bricks with one tower in a gothical style. In 1939 the main construction work was finished and the church was consecrated. It is devoted to the honour of the Heart of Jesus and guardianship of Saint Anna. Three doors lead into the church: in the end of the church, on the right side of it and sacristy. There are three altars and three "navas". The wooden ceiling in the middle "nava" are circle-shaped, but on the side "navas" are flat. The floor is created of colorful tiles. Each side has three stone pillars, on which the superstructure of the church bases itself. The large altar holds a statue of the Saint Heart of Jesus. The head of the statue is created of wood, which was made by a carver in Subate, but the rest of it was created from gypsum. One the left side altar is a statue of Virgin Mary Heart, but on the right side a painting of Saint Jadviga. All three altars are made of oak in a gothic style. Each side has four windows, a colorful stained glass mosaic. On the left side of the church there is a storage room, on the right - stairway to choir room. There is no organ, but there is harmonica. In the facade of the church there is a high, square-shaped tower with bells. The tower has tiny side towers with crosses in the midle The church has a garden, around which there is a white wooden fence with white brick bars. Same white brick bars are by the gate. On the left of the garden there is a metal cross from the old church that has been installed on a stone podesta. It is a very old creation of craftsmen.
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Riebiņu nov., LV-5326
Phone: +371 65329171. +371 29516867
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