Old vehicle collection in Silajāņi

Inform about your visit beforehand!!
If you are not afraid to take a small 11 km long trip on an mud road, we offer you to take a trip to look at a collection of Soviet time cars, military and household items in Siljāņi.
Go from Preiļi to Riebiņi (7km), then you have to look for a sign to Siljāņi (there you will see the mud road mentioned before). When in Siljāņi, once you cross a river Feimanka, look at the right side of the road for old buses and garages. If the road is dry and it has been sunny the whole week, you can drive in surely, but if the road is wet or it has been raining for a few days, better leave the car on the side of the road and take a walk to the garages on foot.

For collection owners, brothers Viktors and Oļegs Boļšakovi, their collection is a hobby for more than 20 years. All of the cars have been restored to a working condition and you can choose any car to take for a ride. There is a lot to see! Younger generations, probably, won't have even heard of these vehicles, not talking about seeing or touching them. Nostalgic memories take over when you look at the first TV sets, radios, typewriters and many other things, that describe a certain period in our history. Many devices are like new - they haven’t been taken out of their boxes and haven't been used once. One of those things is an army radio - just take it out of it's packaging and be the first one to ever use it! Viktors and Oļegs have a story about every car, motorcycle and household item.

Sometimes we don't know or don't remember the use of certain items, but the owners of the collection know all that and their stories will leave you surprised! If you have the time and interest, definitely take a trip to look and hear their stories. If you wish, you can have the opportunity to stay over in well-maintained buses and fish in a pond. From Riebiņi to Siljāņi there is a mud road.

How to find us: Kalna Street, Siljāņi, Siljāņi Rural Territory, Riebiņi Municipality, phone number: +371 27792294 (Viktors); .
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Phones: +371 27792924
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