The House of Latgalian traditions and skills "Ambeļu skreine"

The House of Latgalian Traditions and skills “Ambeļu skreine” is a place where latgalian cultural heritage is populated. The wooden house was built in the beginning of 20th century. There was teachers’ house at that time when there was a school in Ambeļi village. The main festivities of the year are held here and traditional crafts are demonstrated. Guests can participate in dancing evenings, singing, fortunetelling, bread baking and cheese making. The exhibitions of art are usually held here as well. It seems like the location of this house was chosen by the God because lots of picturesque latgalian sights open from here. On the “Ambeļu skreine” territory is a possibility to organize open air events, the territory is equiped: there are wooden benches for viewers and place for the fire. The house and its territory can be used for wedding ceremonies, too.

“Ambeļu skreine” offers:

Celebration of the main year’s festivities;
Craft workshops;
Participation in bread baking;
Place for open air events (weddings, summer camps, traditional cultural events);
Languages: latgalian, latvian, russian.

Preliminary reservation required (at least 5 days before the visit)!
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14 Parka Street, Ambeli, Ambeli parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phones: +371 22014654, 371 29142802

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