Old-believer's Prayer House in Korolevscina (1917)

Initially the Korolevscina prayer house looked differently. In the picture of 1927 we can see the non-planked blockhouse with four windows on the longitudinal facades, the roof made from shingle, the corbelled wooden shed, the small bell tower with opened doorways for ringing that grows from the roof and is covered with the board roofing, the wooden crosses over the eastern part of the building and the bell tower, the whole image of the traditional wooden prayer house.

Later, the prayer house was covered with boards, there are two windows on the facades, on the roof were built a rather large head in a form of an onion and the iron roof. The rectangular attic windows have now a diamond-shaped sash. The bell tower underwent the biggest rebuilding. It was enlarged in height, became blind and is crowned with a head. The new forms are similar to the motifs of the Protestant churches, they were probably borrowed from the surrounding cultural environment in Latgale and testify the process of the mutual influence between the two cultures.

The ceiling in the prayer house is made in the form of a wooden arch, in the mansard style with two fractures on the sides of the prayer room. The iconostasis has two shelves with icons. The solea is separated by a low fence with flat sawn balusters.

The route: from Daugavpils along the highway Daugavpils-Rezekne, right turn in Spogi and go along lakes Lukna and Viski till the Orthodox cemetery, then the next turn right, in the south direction, after 3-5 km there is a country road to Korolevscina Old Believers’ cemetery, where the prayer house is located.
Korolevscina, Viski parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phones: +371 29815807

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