Jezupova (Juzefova) Park and Maria's Trail

Initial name of the Park was “Hofzumberg” that in translation from German language means “house on mountain (hill)”.

In the end of the 18th century the Park was renamed to Jezupova Park. Once in the Park there was a manor house (1900). In the Park was found the only species of helixes family in Latvia – Isignomostoma isognomostoma (Schröter). From Jezupova Park flows a spring, the water of which supposedly has healing property. In Southeastern part of the Park there is 82cm long, 46cm wide and 10cm high grey boulder, on the flat surface of which there is carved cross. According to narration of the nanny of Bogdans Šahno, the last Count of the manor, a tragic incident of 1922 is connected with the cross stone. Two youths (manor’s maid and a stableman) were preparing for the wedding. But the old Count desired the maid and didn’t allow her to wed. The maid put on the wedding dress and jumped out of the window, thus putting an end to herself. The groom couldn’t undergo the death of his lass and hanged himself in the Park. Manor’s people in that place located a boulder and carved a cross in it.
The trail is located at the territory of Juzefova estate in the old part of the park. This is the place for walks, where a person can listen to the sounds of nature, feel the rhythm of the seasons and enjoy the harmony of colors.
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