Old-believer's Prayer House in Ascuki

It was built in 1910.

Old Believers community in Ascuki was founded in 1859. The present prayer house was built in 1910 at the place of the former chapel. After the Direktive "On Toleration" in 1905, Old Believers were allowed to build religious buildings and to build up their cemeteries. Before WWI, several communities in Dvinsk region had time to update their churches, the prayer house in Ascuki is among them. The building is simple in its shape: a rectangular prayer hall, a small vestibule, a covered tambour (probably it was rebuilt later) instead of a porch and a gable roof. The wooden blockhouse is covered with boards, the roof is covered with metal roofing with folds. The details of the cornice, the windows with shutters and the typical tchetverik of the bell tower are modest, but traditional. The eastern part of the building is marked with a graceful head, but the western facade is interesting because it is decorated with a small "rose" - a round window with the radial sashes. In Daugavpils region only Ascuki prayer house has such a window. The interior of the prayer house is finished with wood. There is a balcony with a balustrade above the vestibule.

The tiered iconostasis has the icons that were created in 1830 - 1914. The ceiling is flat, with slight slants along the outer walls. The beautiful circular chandelier hangs in the center of the chapel; it is a real canonical horos. In general, this prayer house can be called a typical Old Believer’ prayer house of this region, but with the original decoration. In Soviet times the chapel was an architectural monument.

The route: from Daugavpils along the highway Daugavpils-Rezekne, left turn in Shpogi to Preli, then go 2,6 km till Paris then one more left turn and then right turn into the country road till the chapel.
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Ascuki, Dubna parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
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