Slutiski scarp

The Slutišķi Scarp is the biggest outcrop of Quaternary rock in valley of Daugava in the territory of Latvia. Its height is 40.9m and length – 400m. In 1925 at the bottom of the scarp there was seen up to 6m high outcrop of Middle Devonian white sandstone with several water-eroded caves. Now Daugava doesn’t surround its banks so intensively, landslides hide the sandstone, and the scarp is becoming overgrown with bushes. Seeing the Slutišķi Scarp it is difficult to imagine that in 1930 – 1940s its slope had no any vegetation, it was absolutely naked – only sand, gravel and rocks. That was consequence of destructive inundation, when, owing to high water level, pieces of ice and heavy flow ruined the lower part of the slope, and heavy landslides were recommenced and plant cover was destroyed.

In pinewood, that adjoin the Slutišķi Scarp, were found numerous rare and protected species of plants: Ajuga piramidalis L. (bugle), Pulsatilla patens (L.) Mill. (eastern pasqueflower), Pulsatilla pratensis (L.)Mill., Polypodium vulgare L., Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W.P.C.Barton, Orthilia secunda (L.)House syn. Pyrola secunda L.; Ramischia secunda (L.)Garcke (sidebells wintergreen). The scarp has an outstanding, beautiful close and distant Daugava Valley views of Daugava bows.
Slutiski, Naujene parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65471321

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