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Inga Maijere. Inga for shure is friend with nature. She makes sounds instruments from the natural material - reedy and wicker wind bells, pumpkins rattletraps (pumpkins from her own garden), earthen bells and tinklers. She mades also graphic works - visual and original design of an album of group "Oroboro". By staining glass, are made wonderful stained glass, light glasses (candlesticks), decorative dishes. Aleksandrs is friend of music. He makes musical instruments - pipes, flutes, rattletraps, Jew’s harpes, ocarinas - and this talant he uses to help others. He makes musical instruments from 1996., he cooperates with the musical salon "Upe" and art salon "Grieži". Quiet and relaxation sounds of pipes performed by Aleksandrs you can hear on the fairs in Brīvdabas muzejs (Open-air museum), on some cultural events in Krāslava. Aleksandrs works also in such collectives as "Lucius" (1995. - 1998. musical album „Porcelāna šūpoles"), "Oroboro" (from 1999. musical albums: "Oroboro" and "Pasaules pasakas"), „Ze Laika Pareģotāji”( collection "Odekolons"). To announce before!!!
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Krāslavas dzelzceļa stacija 27, Ūdrīšu pagasts, Krāslava, Krāslavas nov., LV-5601
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