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Nature specimens
Daugavpils iela, Aglonas novads, LV 5304
Phone: 371 653 22100. 371 29118597
Excursions in the open air with guids, games and picnic
Nature specimens
Augusta Street, near Karņicka monument, Krāslava, Krāslavas nov.
From there a beautiful nature look to the river Daugava can be viewed. In 1909 by this secular stone Latvian writer Antons Austriņš was creating his works.
Nature specimens
Vecslabada, Istras pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5748
Phone: 371 657 29541 (skola). 371 26370730 (gids- Marudenoks)
The biggest lake of Vecslabada with beautiful view and complex reserve. This magnificent locality is placed on the protected landscape area of Ezernieki. The reserve of excursion before, excursion with the guide and teacher Marudenoks.
Nature specimens
Madelānu sādža, Aglonas pagasts, Aglonas nov., LV 5304
Phone: 371 653 22100. 371 26463455 (Jānis); 371 29118597
Madelānu hillfort is taken for one of the beautiful in Latvia. Its relative height is about 20 m. Madelānu hillfort is reach with archaeological excavation, which says about accupations of old Latgallians, way of life, building, industrial and art level. There is also tale about castle, which was placed on the Madelānu hillfort and sunken. Price
Cultural-historical objects Nature specimens
Riebiņu nov., LV-5329
Phone: +371 27533033,
Cultural-historical objects Nature specimens
Rusonas pagasts, Riebiņu nov., LV-5329
Castle mound of Šņepsti, the Large hill, is located on the left side of Preiļi - Aglona road (when going from Preiļi). The hill that resembles a prolonged bread loaf, is 19 meters high. In the South-West side it was fortified with ditches, between which an ascend to the castle mound plateau was located. The plateau and the South descend have been cultivated from ancient times, that is why the dark black cultural layer, that covered the upside of the castle mound, has been mixed and ploughed downwards. The castle mound was destroyed largely by those who were seeking antiques. The local farmers for some Bogomoļeca father in Jaunā manor would carry lots and lots of antiques they found in the castle mound in order to get money. Latvian History musem still holds two oval 5th century lighter stones and other antiques. Some items found in the castle mound currently can be viewed in a musem in Vilnius, Lithuania. A tale tells, that there were two doors on the sides of the castle bound. Behind it a young girl sat with a black dog by her feet. The girl had to collect berries from a thorn bush for seven years. In other tales it was said, that she had lended her money for the local people for some time. One of them didn't pay it back on time and he was tormented be devils.
Nature specimens Active rest
Robežnieki (z/s "Akati"), Robežnieku parish, Krāslava Municipality, Krāslavas nov., LV-5666 +371 26157690
Excursion in a zoo. You can see peacocks, pheasants, turkeys, African black ostriches, Australian emu, as well as piglets, cows, rabbits, sheep, goats, and other domestic animals. Places for tents on a silent shore of a lake surrounded by forest. Announce your visit in advance.
Nature specimens
Mākoņkalns, Mākoņkalna pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4626
Phone: +371 29139677
There are a lot of different stories about Mākoņkalns (247 m a. s. l.) with Volkenberga castle ruins, from which is beautiful view on the Rāznas lake.
Nature specimens
Skaista, Kombuļi rural municipality, Krāslava Municipality, Krāslavas nov.
Drīdzis is the deepest lake in the Baltic States. The lake has characteristic elongated shape, many bays, nine islands; the biggest of them is the island Bernātu sala (13,9 ha). Lake is curving like a river. It makes many creeks and peninsulas. Maximum depth reaches 65,1 m. The length of the shore reaches 11 km. The widest place is 1 km. From the hills the great panorama of many lakes is seen. Drīdzis is in the territory of a protected nature park. It’s necessary to have passports!
Nature specimens
Dagda, Dagdas novads, Dagdas nov., LV 5674
It is naturally formed cave in artificially made catacomb.
Nature specimens
Cirmas pagasts, Ludzas nov. 371 29123749 ("Cirmas pludmale"); 371 28332523 ("Cirmas ezerkrasts")
Cirmas lake is one of the most clean and for rest suitable lakes.
Nature specimens
Malnava, Malnavas pagasts, Kārsavas nov., LV 5750
Phone: 371 657 33100. 371 29327265
Malnavas estate park with 57 exotic species of trees
Nature specimens
Guteņi, Aglonas pagasts, Aglonas nov., LV 5304 371 29234425; 371 28350601
You can meet here fairytales portraits of a heroes. Poetical tour and family children staging "Dreams in the nature".Observation of medicinal plants, birds and animals. There are all the sorts of berries, which grows in Latvia.
Nature specimens
Divkši, Nirzas pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5719
Phone: 371 657 29753
10. century castle mound with real defensive system and ancient cult stone of tribes of Latgale on the Nirza lake bank.
Nature specimens
Robežnieki, Robežnieki parish, Krāslava Municipality, Krāslavas nov., LV-5666 +371 29168868
There are approximately 300 rabbits of 12 different breeds here. In order to popularize Robežnieki rural municipality and to restore traditions of previous years, in 2011, the farm launched a new industry – horse breeding (trotter breeding). Book your visit in advance!
Nature specimens
Krāslava, Krāslavas nov., LV-5601
Phone: +371 656 23586
The park’s dendrological composition is bright- 70 different species of trees and shrubs. There are snails that were brought from Spain. There is a grotto in the park. This grotto is the sign of romance and melancholy. The observation deck at the palace offers fascinating views of the river Daugava and the city.
Nature specimens
Ostrova, Viski parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65425347
Nature specimens
Salnava, Ruskulova, Nūmērne, Salnavas pagasts, Kārsavas nov., LV 5740 371 29327265
The giudes of school will acquaint you with the beautiful park of estate of Salnava, secular stone, cognitive trail "Salnava laiku lokos", the old estate park of Ruskulova and ruins of windmill and also peculiar kettle back of sandosar - bank of Nūmērne.
Nature specimens
Zvirgzdenes pagasts, Ciblas nov.
Phone: 371 657 00834
The lake is on national protection. It is placed outside of Ludza.
Nature specimens
Piedruja, Kreis Piedruja, Krāslava Municipality, Krāslavas nov., LV-5662
Phone: +371 26357228
It is located in Piedruja, in the upper course valley of the river Daugava, in the territory of Augšdaugava protected landscape area, which is rich with rare and protected species of plants and animals, as well as with cultural landscape and historical monuments. Walking along Piedruja path, Stone of Daugava can be seen. On this stone the name of Daugava river is engraved in seven languages – Estonian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, German, Livonian, and Latvian. Located near river Daugava. Piedruja trail is unique, because walking on it, you can observe the life of residents living on the left bank of the river Daugava, our neighbours Belorussians. Piedruja is very close to the Republic of Belarus and there is also protected water border along the river Daugava. It’s necessary to have a passport! Book your visit in advance!
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