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Cultural-historical objects
Viski, Viski parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov. +371 29470188
Cultural-historical objects
Vecsaliena parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov. +371 26315707
It is located in the district Vecsaliena in the centre of pine forest, not far from the left bank of Daugava. In the dim past was here the small wooden church, which someone Latvian bondman with the help of raft brought it from Russia. The church was burnt down several times, but always restored. At the beginning it belonged to catholic parish, but in the second half of 18. century Catholics gave it to Lutheran. But for this they received the Church of Elerne. It was built in 1819. Near the church is placed Muravku old Lutheran cemetary with the old monuments.
Cultural-historical objects
Svente, Svente parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov. +371 29683961
Cultural-historical objects
Subate, Ilūkstes nov., LV-5471
Phone: +371 65463357. +371 28604244
The church was confirmed in 1831. in honour of St. Miķelis Ercenģelis. It was built from boulders, without towers, in the style of ancient basilica, 30 x 16 x 9 m big. The church has three outdoors and 14 windows. Around the church is yard with the stone fence. In the same time with the church in the front of it was built the bell-tower from boulders with the gate. The tower has one bronze bell. Not far from the bell-tower is original wooden cross from 1889. The fence has concrete roof. The church has galvanized iron roof, which was covered in 1976.
Cultural-historical objects Museums
Varšavas iela 14, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65413237
Cultural-historical objects
Zariņi, Dvietes pagasts, Daugavpils, Ilūkstes nov.
Phone: +371 65466734, +371 65422818
From the beginning the cemetary chapel of Zariņi was placed in the estate park of baron near the road, going in Dviete. It was built circa in 1750. After the stone church was built in Dviete in 1864., the wooden church was pulled down and was transported to cemetary of Zariņi. The cemetary of Zariņi is placed on the road Dviete-Bebrene, about 2 km from bus-stop Zariņi. More information :
Crafts Cultural-historical objects
14 Parka Street, Ambeli, Ambeli parish, Daugavpils nov. +371 22014654, 371 29142802
Cultural-historical objects
Eglaine, Eglaines pagasts, Ilūkstes nov., LV-5444 +371 20028330
The Lutheran Church in Laši is stone building. It was built in 1805. In the garden of church is churchyard. There are graves of German army soldiers from the First World War.
Cultural-historical objects
Dviete, Dvietes pagasts, Ilūkstes nov.
Phone: +371 65422818
The memorial stone for selectionist Pauls Sukatnieks (1991.) It is thanks sign for life-work of P. Sukatnieks. He grew different sorts of grapes, which were suitable for Latian climate. It is placed near "Apsīšu" house, where lived and worked famous selectionist.
Cultural-historical objects
Panteliski, Bikernieki parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov. +371 28292574
The chapel was built at the end of 19. century. It is built from sills, plated with horizontal planks. There is high bell-tower, which is covererd with four-sided roof. The windows are decorated with jamb, which is ornamented with woodcuts.
Cultural-historical objects
Rīgas iela 22a, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65426000
Vienības nams (The house of unity) - cultural, rest and business centre (Rīgas street 22a). The biggest building in Baltic, which was built since independence of Latvia. It was projected by architector V. Vitands. The foundation-stone of building was placed by president of Latvia Kārlis Ulmanis.
Cultural-historical objects
Zilupe, Zilupe, Zilupes nov., LV 5751 371 28656530; 371 26516714
In 1934. the bishop Rancāns confirmed the renewed form of the old wooden church, which was transported from Raipole. It has 2 bell-towers and built sacristy.
Cultural-historical objects
Latgales iela 121, Ludza, Ludzas nov., LV 5701 371 26673089
In 1845. built church stands in a beauty in the centre of the town's old part. It was built in style of Russian classicism. It is national protected architectural monument.
Cultural-historical objects
Pasiene, Pasienes pagasts, Zilupes nov., LV 5732
Phone: 371 657 29925 (pagasta padome). 371 28656530 (gide-Ilga Ivanova)
The trail leads the travellers along the Pasienes district, which is rich with signes of history, from the estate - along the Pasienes Catholic Church - till Grebļa mountain and Draudzības tumulus (Tumulus of Friendship). ( Passports must be taken with, the excursion must be ordered 3 days before).
Cultural-historical objects
Baznīckalns, Baznīcas iela 52, Ludza, Ludzas nov., LV 5701
Phone: 371 657 25653
In 1993. renovated white Catholic church with J. Bārda pictures of the Way of the Cross. Near the church is prayer and resting place chapel of Eversmuižas counts Karņicki (1738.), belfry, near is statue of St. Mary, Māra queen of the earth made by Leons Tomašickis.
Cultural-historical objects
"Pastari", Stabulnieku pagasts, Riebiņu nov., LV 5320 371 29464960, 26465998
It is unique, because it is the only one reconstructed mill of Dutch style with the turned mechanism of screen in Latvia.
Cultural-historical objects Museums
Mihaila iela 3 (Daugavpils Fortress), Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65430273, +371 65430253. +371 22471925
Cultural-historical objects
Naujene, Naujene parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65471321
Cultural-historical objects
Stiglova, Mērdzenes pagasts, Kārsavas nov., LV 5726 371 29327265
The foundation of the church was put by Jesuits in 1706. In 1769. the church was transported from Mērdzene (Mihalova) to Stiglova. It is wooden building with two towers, three altars. The interior is made from gypsum, in the form of ancient French stone engraving. Near the church are located two wooden chapels with bell-towers. Around the territory is stone wall. On the 23. April is the most important holiday of the parish in honour of St. Juris.
Cultural-historical objects
Baznīcas iela 56, Viļaka, Viļakas nov., LV-4583
Phone: + 371 64563332
The church is landscape dominant of Viļaka. It was built 6 years, confirmed in 1891.
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