Ververi scarp

It is located on the left bank of the river Daugava near Geitviniski. It is a 36.5 m (in other sources – 42 m) high cliff from Quaternary rock. There is a sandstone of the Upper Devonian on the foot, in the 30s of the 20th century, here, in sandstones, used to be a cave. The slope reaches 38 degrees. The structure is mostly gravel, pebbles and boulders with moraine layers. There is a deepening behind the cliff, where underwater of the river Daugava flows and threatens to wash the cliff. Beautiful view of peculiar narrowing of the ancient valley of Daugava -“Daugava gates” can be seen from the scarp.
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Vecsaliena parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
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55°53'12.1" N, 26°52'22.3" E

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The precipice of Ververi is placed on the left side of Daugava, in the circle of Ververi, opposite to the previous house of forester "Ververi". The beautiful natural site. The one of the most important precipices of valley banks of Daugava along the all onflow of river. The height is 42 m (above the water level of Daugava in period of summer), the length is about 370 m, the escarpments are very big, its slope is about 40°, but in some places it is 80°-90°, sometimes it makes also laps of negative slopes. The structure of precipice is conglomerate - sand, gravel and layers of moraine, which are deformed in creases.
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