Medical exhibition with exposition of birth control items

There is a new permanent exposition devoted to the history of medicine in Daugavpils Fortress next to the “White Horse” Art Gallery. Two halls with the total surface of 250 m2 present a great number of objects, photos and documents that tell us how people were treated in past centuries. One of the halls is fully devoted to contraception.

The exhibition was created by the Health Promotion and Education Society, the exhibition is based on a private collection that has been collected for over 30 years.

The purpose of the exhibition is to show visitors what medicine used to be, how equipment, tools, etc. have changed. The special attention is paid to contraception in order to attract the attention of young people. They can look not only at the full range of modern contraceptives, but also ask questions, talk with volunteer guides with a medical education.

Entrance for children under 16 years old – only accompanied by adults.

The exhibition is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm to 16 pm.
Groups have the opportunity to book visits at other times and days.
Entrance ticket – 3 EUR.
Nikolaja iela 9, Daugavpils cietoksnis, Daugavpils
Phones: +371 28872898

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Working season:
All year

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