Ambro Krasts Rest Place

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Ambro Krasts Rest Place located on the bank of Viski Lake offers a peaceful leisure next to the water. A cosy arbour with a built-in chemine is located here. The company up to 15 persons will feel comfortable in the arbour, and a view to the lake will make a perfect surrounding for the unhurried rest or festivity.

There is a heated bath tub next to the arbour, which is a good addition for a rest during cool evening or autumn season. The capacity of the bath tub is up to 5-7 persons and normal water temperature to enjoy the bath tub is 38-40 °C. Please take into consideration that it takes 3 hours to warm up the tube during cool time. If you book the arbour together with the heated bath tub, the hosts of the rest place will take care of the tub heating, further heating is leant on guests.

It is possible to stay for a night on the Viski Lake bank, too - there are tent sites and places for fire.

-equipped swimming place;
-fishing on a private pond;
-boat rental.
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Maskovskaja, Višķu pagasts, Daugavpils nov.
Phones: +371 20009000
56°2'49.78" N, 26°47'49.433" E

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