“Senā darbnīca” Wort Workshop

Wort is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drink which is rich in B group vitamins. It can be used as a refreshing and healthy drink or converted into beer.

"Senā darbnīca" Wort Workshop offers:
• 50 min long excursion
Visitors have an opportunity to get acquainted with preparation process of the wort drink: to get to know the ancient equipment, participate in straw filter making, mashing and hop boiling process. Everyone is welcome to hear traditions and customs that were followed during the wort making and while brewing the beer later.

• Full-day Workshop
Visitors have an opportunity to explore the ancient wort making process from the ground up, have a hand in every stage of its creation and also get to know how does wort convert into beer.

• Mobile Workshop
It is possible to organize a workshop in Your chosen location as an educational activity for children, a part of the wedding programme, team-building activity at the company's anniversary or other celebration. You will have a chance to go through all wort drink making process Yourself, get master's advice and learn the ancient craft.

Excursions and workshops not only take place in the yard of the family house in Medumi parish but also in Naujene Local History Museum (Skolas 1, Naujene, Naujene parish) and Slutiski Old Believers’ Village (Slutišķi, Naujene parish). It's possible to combine the workshop with a visit of the museum and enjoyment of the picturesque ladscapes of Naujene parish.
Excursions are offered in Latvian, Russian, English and Lithuanian.
Please inform about Your visit in advance!
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"Krūmiņi", Ilga, Medumu pagasts, Daugavpils nov.
Phones: +37125974492

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