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Cultural-historical objects
Vienības laukums 3, Ilūkste, Ilūkstes novads, Ilūkstes nov., LV-5447
Phone: +371 65462580
The Lutheran Church in Ilūkste (1865), it was damaged during in the zig-zag lines of history several times. The church was damaged during the First World War, later it was rebuilt for parish money (1928). In the 20 century 20. years the Soviet power dispossess it and adapted for "worldly things". Here was club, the cinema and finally the children sport school of region. The parish got back the property on the beginning of 90. years, and in 1993. here took place the first worship. The parish made big efforts and now the church got its previous image. Again was built a tower, is altar (its building and indoors works were made by students of Rīgas handicraft school), harmonium, the pulpit and other inventory. But on the church's tower sounds the bell, which was given as a present by Hādreslēvas (Denmark) parish.
Cultural-historical objects
Miera iela 2, Gaigalava, Gaigalavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4618 +371 26649317
The Churchs altars are made in Gothic style
Cultural-historical objects
Ambeli, Ambeli parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65475117
Cultural-historical objects
Daugavpils, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65422818. +371 26444810
Cultural-historical objects
Rušona, Rušonas pagasts, Riebiņu novads, Riebiņu nov., LV 5329
Phone: 371 65322041. +371 22124212
The first known catholic church of Rušona was wooden building, is thought, that it was built in 16. century. It was damaged during the Swedish - Polish War. The new wooden church was built by Jesuits in 1677., but in 1766. on the place of this church was built new, already the third wooden church. In 1816. was built nowadays stone church for money of Iveta Selecka. Under the church are located the cellars, which says, that there were buried the monks. After the version of the oldest parishioners : in 2016. the church of Rušona will celebrate its 200 anniversary. Already now are found historical evidences in the sacristy of the church, for example, chasubles of the previous priests.
Cultural-historical objects
Raiņa 2a, Ilūkste, Ilūkstes novads, Ilūkstes nov., LV-5447
Phone: +371 65462450
The Orthodox Church of the birth of Our Lady (1880) had also a cloister and 7 forms school. Also this church had a lot of damages during the war and Soviet power, which closed the church. The restoration works of the church started in 2001. For not big red-bricks church is characteristic outer wall-painting.
Cultural-historical objects
Siņicina iela 4, Rēzekne, LV - 4601
Phone: +371 64625471. +371 26354441
Icons, bell-tower with the heaviest bell in Baltic (5 t). It was casted from the silver roubles of the old-believer donors from Latgale. There is the icon, made at the end of 16. century „Par Tevi priecājos" ("Glad for You"). Sunday School. Price
Cultural-historical objects
Brodaiža, Pildas pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5708
Phone: 371 657 29276. 371 29243655 (priesteris)
Pasienes dominicans built the first chapel in 17. century. Our days church was built in 1813. for Brodaižas stewards K. Kilborta money. It is church building with very thick stone - walls. The church is copulative building with not big turret and two altars. It is at national defense.
Cultural-historical objects
Dricāni, Dricānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV - 4615 +371 29214848
Nowadays church was built in 1859. The Holy Ghost altar and wooden statuettes of Saints are decorated with woodcarvings.
Cultural-historical objects
Pušmucova, Pušmucovas pagasts, Ciblas nov., LV 5742 371 26171746 (mācītājs); 371 28345990 (draudze)
Typical example of stone church. It was built of grey stones in 1852. by project of architect Paracco.
Cultural-historical objects
Cietokšņa iela 38, Daugavpils, LV-5400 +371 29548760
Nowadays synagogue of Daugavpils city - Kadiša prayer house, was buit in 1850.
Cultural-historical objects
Cibla, Ciblas novads, LV 5709
Phone: 371 657 29046. 371 29230204 (gide-sk. Malvīne Loce)
The trail curls along the picturesque Ilžas (Ludzas) river banks, along the old Eversmuižas park, along the Catholic Church and estate buildings till Felicianovas estate and mill.
Cultural-historical objects
Jezufova, Naujene parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov., LV-5462 +371 26790362, +371 29325738
Jezufovas (Jezupovas) St. Peter and Pavil Roman Catholic Church was started in 1934. and finished in 1961. After the church's building it was taken away and given to organize a club. In 1989. the church was given back to parish.
Cultural-historical objects
Rīgas Street 135, Krāslava, Krāslavas nov., LV-5601 +371 29399617
Russian Old-Believers have been living on the territory of Latgale for more than three hundred years. According to the information received, one of the Old-Believers’ church was on the Daugava’s bank in Rātuža Street. The Parish was offi­cially registered in 1850. A local merchant gave up his outbuildings to rebuild and make an Old-Believers church approximately in 1859. It was sanctified to the honour under the shelter of God-Mother. The Church caught fire on December 7, 2002, it damaged the building and some valuable icons. The construction of a new Old- Believers church was begun on the place of the burnt down old chapel. The sanctification of the building was on October 26, 2008.
Cultural-historical objects
Pasiene, Pasienes pagasts, Zilupes nov., LV 5732
Phone: 371 657 29925 (pagasta padome). 371 28656530 (gide-Ilga Ivanova)
One of the most beautiful Catholic Churches in Latgale. It was built in 1761. It has peculiar baroque style with prominent architectural and art values.
Cultural-historical objects
Ņukši, Ņukšu pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5730
Phone: 371 657 29492; 371 657 29443 (pagasta padome)
Distinguished wooden architectural monument. One of the most beautiful wooden churches in Latgale.
Cultural-historical objects
Saliena parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65475248
The bridge over small river Poguļanka (Saliena) was built at the end of 19. century. It was built of hewed boulders. The height of arch is 5.2 m , the length is 5.5, the width is 4.6 m. The bridge is local architectural and engineering monument. It is one of the few bridges of this type, which is stayed in good condition in Daugavpils region.
Cultural-historical objects
Priedaine, Dārza Street 30, Krāslava, Krāslavas nov. +371 29498216
This is the newest church in the county. In 2007 it was consecrated in the honour of European guardians St. Brigita and St. Katrina. Mother's of God grotto and the statue are placed in the garden of Priedaine Church. For visiting church please book in advance!
Cultural-historical objects
Brigene, Demene parish, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 65476748
Cultural-historical objects
Siverina, Rušonas pagasts, Riebiņu nov., LV 5329
The offering-stone on the Upursala (Offering island) - the old cult place of Latgallians, which is placed on the Upursala (Offering island) in Rušonu lake. In the centre part of Upursala is gaunt hill, where on the highest place of it is placed the stone, which also now is called as Upurakmens (Offering-stone) by people. The legends say, that some day on this stone was inscribed letters and lambs was taken here for sacrifice. There can't be seen the letters on the stone nowadays. The offering-stone is 1.2 m high, its perimeter on the ground is 5.5 m.
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