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Discover a magic of the South Latgale

Livani – Daugavpils – Kraslava – Aglona – Preili

Latgale is a place that surprises. Only here you can see how creates glass, mountain with churches of several creeds, real tank, mystical lake where beasts make a detour to it, and to become a lord of miniature kingdom.

Length of route in Latgale: ~ 200 km

Duration of route: 2 days

Art and Craft Centre of Latgale – you can see workshops of glass-blowers, weavers and ceramics, you can try yourself in some of crafts; phone: +371 53 81855;

Glass Museum of Livani – possibility to see production produced in different times, to observe work of professional glass-blowers; +371 53 07162;

Sventes muiza – in luxurious guest house works technical exposition from the Second World War, called Museum of military technics. Here you can see heavy tank IS-2, medium tank T-34, armor descent reconnaissance machine and other technique. Phone: +371 65425108, +371 65427822;

Daugavpils museum of regional studies and arts – tells about history and nature of region, there are more then 79   000 units in its collection. The biggest are collections of ceramics, ethnography, coins, documents, photography and printed press product. There works hall of Marks Rotko, famous artist in the world, +371 65422818;

Daugavpils (Dinaburga) fortress – (area – 6 ha) state architectural monument – great military fortification construction of 19th century (architect A.Stauberts), is preserved to nowadays without changes. There is no one similar in North Europe, +371 65422818;

Church mountain – place, where near are churches of four creeds – St. martyrs Boriss and Glebs orthodox cathedral, Martin Luther Lutheran parish church, The most Blessed Virgin Mary Rome’s    catholic church and 1st old-believers community preaching-house, +371 65422818;

Country Park “Daugava bends” – coloration is 8 big detours of Daugava (gnawed meander), length of them reaches 4-6 km, in coasts there are basic coast precipices. In territory of park there are many nature and cultural – historical monuments – park of Juzefova muiza with unique glen (Maria trail), Daugava old riverbed, Vecpils castle mound with Livonia order castle ruins of 13th century, Markova path of cognitions, +371 65471321;

Counts Platers castle complex and park in Kraslavacastle was built in period from 1750 till 1791. In the beginning of 19th century it was rebuilt using classicism canons. It is the only castle in Latgale with that kind of decor (architect A.Paroko) and park is created as baroque romantic landscape park. It is approximately 22 hectares big. +371 56 22201, +371 26876337;

Adamova landscape path – here is a rare possibility to get to know nature in its diversity – to enjoy gorgeous landscapes, to go through mystical glens, to observe nature monuments and rarities. Here are optimal conditions for rich flora and fauna. Length of path – 1,8 km. From a top of mountain u can see a beautiful view to Kraslava and Daugava. Phone: +371 5622201;

Karnickis Mountain – a much landscaped place, related with romantic legend about great and faithful love between Emily, daughter of count Plater, and Jozefs Karnickis, Polish officer. Phone: +371 5622201;

Kraslava Castle Park – created in 18th century as Baroque Park. Park is approximately 22 hectares big and its dendrology’s structure is very large – approximately 50 rare species of trees and bushes;

Workshop of ceramist Valdis Paulins – here u can take part in ceramic creating process from the beginning to the end, and to try your hands in crocks making and take part in kiln’s kindling. Here you can purchase diversiform ceramic ware, souvenirs, garden ceramic. Here are activities for individuals, families, pupils and big groups. Place for tents. Apply duly! +371 29128695;

Farm “Kurmisi” – here you can get introducing with cultivation of vulnerary plants and secrets of herbal tea making. Degustation of herbal tea. A possibility to purchase ecological herbal tea, birch besom from vulnerary plants, herbal mixes for bathtub and baths. Agreed price. Apply duly! +371 26538824;

Sauleskalns - the highest top of Latgale elevated plain (211 m from a sea level) where you can see beautiful view; +371 5622201;

Velnezers – lake, that to embody in mystic and mystery – small, deep, almost without waterweeds and minimal water fauna; +371 5622201, +371 5322100;

Aglona basilica – built in the Baroque taste, originate with 60 m high towers. 10 luxurious altars, sight worthy several paintings. Church organ is more then 200 years old. Near basilica, at the coast of Lake Egle, in 1824 discovered Sacred spring, that healed uncountable afflicted earlier. Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 14th -15th August gathers approximately 150 thousands people. +371 53 81109, +371 29472155;

Karala kalns (King mountain) – great resting-place near the Egle lake for pilgrims and tourists. On the top of mountain are placed sculptures devoted to God and sculptures of 12 apostles are in creating process. Commemorative site of king Mindaugs; +371 53 22100, +371 29118597;

Bread museum – a story about bread, told by director, creator, heart and soul of museum, origin Latgalian. Here you can see old implements for bread baking - kneading dough, millstones, bread-shovels, cereal and farinaceous sieves. Here you can purchase fresh bread made by recipes of ancient Latgalians, to get to know process of baking bread. Apply excursion, phone: +371 29287044;

Museum of Rainis „Jasmuiza”    - Here you can see exposition „Gymnasium and study time of Rainis”. Sight worthy workshop and kiln of Andrejs Paulans, old master of Latgale ceramic; t.: +371 53 54677, +371 29487589;

Woodworking workshop of S.Geida and exhibition „Dream maisonette”   – Turned wood wares. Interesting – cultivation technology recital of cranberries and field visitation; phone: +371 29189021;

Ceramic’s workshop – museum of P.Čerņavskis - Exposition. A possibility to try yourself in pot turnery; phone: +371 53 22946, +371 29879412;

History and applied arts museum   of Preili – You can see exposition „Preili in mirrors of centuries”, phone: +371 53 22731;

Miniature kingdom in Preili – here will be possibility to try on various antique raiment and take photos near miniature castles. +371 53 21737, +371 26423837.

Nearest lodging:

Preili district
    Hotel „Preili”, +371 53 07444, +371 53 81152
    Guest house „Pie Plica”, +371 53 07075, +371 29121689
    Hotel „Gamma”, +371 53 81888
    Aglona basilica cloister, +371 53 81109
    Guest house “Aglonas Cakuli”, +371 29194362
    Farm “Upenite”, +371 26312465
       “Mezinieku majas”, +371 29234425
    “Silmalas”, +371 29101378
    “Saures”, +371 29642100

Daugavpils district
    Dzintarins, +371 29393941
    Leo +371 65426565,
    Biplan Hotel, + 371 65440596,
    Olimpija, +371 65451070
    Paradize, +371 65451551
    Hotel Dinaburg, +371 65453010,
    Park Hotel Latgola, +371 65420932,   
    Sventes muiza, +371 65425108,
    Rudzupukes, +371 28319326

Kraslava district
    Guest house „Zive”, +371 29185835
    Youth hostel „Zvanins”, +371 26541545
    Guest house “Priedaine”- +371 26430798
   Holiday house “Skerskani” – +371 29195745
    Resting complex “Lejasmalas”, +371 29139680
    Holiday house „Arkadija”- 26410859
   Resting complex „Dridzi”- 29441221,
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