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Bēzgales baznīca
Bēzgales baznīca (7)
Full Name of God Apredzības Bērzgales the Roman Catholic Church. Bērzgales Church belongs to the oldest wooden churches in Latgale. Its walls are built of wooden logs and tests lined with wooden planks. The name of the church benefited from a nearby lake Bērzgales. The Church lays the foundations 1744th year. Construction work completed 1750th year, and the church 1751st The iesvētījis Bishop J. Domenico de Kozeļskis - Puzīns. The Church looks like little has changed over time. Middle of a large altar with a beautiful baroque carvings. Our Lady's altar are two paintings. The church is also the organ, which is one of the oldest in Latgale. The church is included in the European cultural heritage list - "Latvian Timber Heritage" for 1995. year.


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