1 International Street Theater and Clowning Festival KOKO 2019 in Daugavpils

06.07.2019-17.08.2019, Daugavpils Fortress, Daugavpils

O   17   August,   the International Street Theater   and Clowning Festival will place   for   the   first   time   i   Daugavpil   Fortress.   It   will   e   dedicated   to the   legendary   clow   Koko   –   Nicolai   Poliakov,   or   i   Dvinsk   (1900-1974).

Clown Koko   has become a well-known and truly loved person in Europe,   especially   among children,   and   in the end of his life has bee   awarded on merit by the   Order   of   the   British Empire with the   Member(MBE) rank.

Event Template:
2 pm Clown Joke Commando
Till 11 pm Street   Theater   Marathon
11 pm Final Concert

2007 Latgale Region Development Agency